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April 21 marks the 97th anniversary of the birth of Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, whom the whole world knew as Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. At the time of her death, she was the longest-reigning and oldest monarch in British history, as well as the longest-reigning and oldest head of state in the world. During the 70 years of her reign, Elizabeth II delivered many inspiring speeches addressed both to the inhabitants of Britain and the Commonwealth countries, and to all mankind. We recall the main events of the outgoing week with quotes from Elizabeth II.

“It has always been easy to hate and destroy. Building and nurturing is much harder.”

The results of the week in quotes by Elizabeth II

This week the Seimas of Lithuania overruled the veto President and adopted a law that introduces softer restrictions for Belarusians, unlike Russians. The finally adopted restrictions will be valid until May next year with the possibility of extension. Also during the week in Lithuania itself appeared the second company with Belarusian roots, the number of employees of which exceeds a thousand people. office life figured outwhy Lithuanian carriers are currently incurring losses, and the Belarusian State Border Committee warned about the queues at the border with the EU during the upcoming long weekend.

“The brave do not lie down, accepting defeat; they are even more determined to fight for a better future.”

The results of the week in quotes by Elizabeth II

Billionaire Elon Musk’s SpaceX attempted twice this week to send the largest-ever Starship launch vehicle into suborbital flight. The first attempt was postponedbut with the second rocket it was possible break away from the Earth, however, after a few minutes it exploded. It is noteworthy that while some SpaceX specialists find out the reasons space rocket explosion, others are working with pre-orders to buy gas burner in the form of the Starship spacecraft, which the Musk company launched on the eve of launch.

“We can understand the future – if we understand the lessons of the past.”

The results of the week in quotes by Elizabeth II

This week the European Parliament passed a law on the regulation of the cryptocurrency market. For the first time, it establishes uniform requirements for crypto platforms, token issuers and traders. The Cryptocurrency Markets Act aims to reduce risks for investors buying cryptocurrencies. In accordance with it, sellers and service providers in this market will be liable if, through their fault, investors lose their crypto assets. In addition, this week, former US President Donald Trump released the second NFT collection of 47 thousand tokens, which was sold out in a day.

“It’s worth remembering that it’s often the small steps that lead to the most lasting change.”

The results of the week in quotes by Elizabeth II

This week it became known that this year the entrance campaign will have not only a new test format – a centralized exam, but also some technical innovations. Particularly for students shortened registration time for central testing. In addition, several changed and the CT tests themselves.

“When I look to the future, I have one certainty – changes, and the pace of these changes will only increase …”

The results of the week in quotes by Elizabeth II

This week, an American company presented a new type of neural network, which generates video by text description. The video is obtained at a resolution of 512 × 1024 or 1280 × 2048 pixels and contains 113 frames of about 5 seconds. Also in the week, another American manufacturer introduced chatbot for dogswhich can give dogs treats, keep them occupied with games and exercise programs, and monitor their pet’s health by changes in movement and posture.

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