Nansen analysts drew attention to the activation of NFT market participants

Nansen has recorded an increase in the activity of users of NFT projects deployed on Ethereum.

The number of transactions with tokenized collections has been growing for five consecutive weeks. Activation is observed after many months of weakening the interest of Internet users in NFT, the researchers note.

According to them, the number of transactions has increased dramatically in ecosystems using the power of the ETH blockchain.

As one of the authors of the report, Martin Lee, noted, the growth of transactional activity was outlined in the middle of autumn last year.

Peak values ​​were observed at the turn of 2022-2023. On average, users of NFT projects made more than 700,000 transactions per week. The largest turnovers were observed on the OpenSea, LooksRare and X2Y2 platforms.

In addition, Nansen recorded an increase in the number of new users of the Ethereum network buying NFTs. By mid-January, the number of participants in NFT projects deployed on Ethereum exceeded 250,000.

Almost 60% of transactions with tokenized collections are processed by the ETH blockchain. In terms of NFT trading volumes, the OpenSea marketplace is confidently leading.

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