National Geographic has released an NFT collection. Readers did not appreciate

National Geographic magazine, which has existed for 135 years, spoke about the unique NFT tokens and launched its first collection. This caused an uproar on social media.

On Monday, January 16, an image of a unique NFT token from the most expensive collection of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) was published in all National Geographic accounts. The description detailed what the tokens are, which confirm ownership, as well as the development of the NFT market.

After that, a post about National Geographic’s own collection appeared. AT collection GM: Daybreak Around the World on the Polygon blockchain includes the work of 16 different photographers, including Justin Aversano, Reuben Wu, Cat Simard and John Knopf.

NatGeo readers greeted the mention of NFT with criticism – unique tokens help launder money, and, in addition, are a “bubble” that has “already burst”. At the same time, readers also called NFTs a scam, losing sight of the fact that it is the people who create and steal them that scam, and not a new and popular technology.

Those who supported the magazine’s initiative turned out to be much less. They recalled that a negative reaction usually indicates a lack of understanding of the technology and problems associated with the introduction of new technology. And technology, in its essence, does not harm anyone.

“Welcome to the comments section, here you will see a sea of ​​people in their natural habitat. They hate what they don’t understand,” the artist wrote. Ryan Hawthornewho released the NFT collection along with the prestigious auction house Sotheby’s.

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