Network Optimism is waiting for an update |

The developers of the Optimism layer 2 network proposed to upgrade the protocol. The native OP token reacted with a sharp rise.

The Optimism Foundation is proud to offer the first update to the Bedrock protocol.

According to the team, the update will improve performance and functionality. Bedrock implements a modular architecture by splitting the OP’s stack into three components:

  • consensus;
  • performance;
  • calculations.

If the community supports the initiative, Bedrock will be activated on March 15th. Full node owners will need to prepare for the upgrade.

At the same time, BUSD developers announced the deployment of a stablecoin on the Optimism network.

Against this background, the OP token has risen in price by 22.6% over the past day. For the month, the growth was 192.7%, according to CoinGecko. At the moment, the asset peaked at levels above $2.9, the current price is $2.7.

In January, daily transaction volume on the Optimism Tier 2 network fell to 238,000 from the recent 800,000. The drop coincided with the end of the Optimism Quest rewards program for NFT users.

Previously, the network surpassed its competitor Arbitrum in terms of daily activity. However, the latter retained its leadership in terms of the volume of blocked funds.

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