Neural Network Image Generation: 5 Free Online Services


Neural network image generation is an emerging technology that has the potential to revolutionize the way we create visuals. It involves using artificial intelligence to generate new images from a dataset of existing images. By leveraging the power of machine learning, neural network image generation can produce stunningly realistic visuals with minimal effort. Here are five free online services that offer neural network image generation, allowing users to explore the possibilities of this new technology.

Generation of images by a neural network: 5 working services

AdvancedArtificial intelligence

Generation of images by a neural network: 5 working services

AdvancedArtificial intelligence


  • A neural network is an artificial intelligence that works on the principle of the human brain. Neurons receive, process and transmit information, and connections transmit it. The main difference between the neurons of a computer network is that they need to be constantly trained. A person expands the neural network when he himself learns something new.
  • In recent years, computer neural networks have received great development. They are mainly used for tasks where you need to process text, video, audio and other information.
  • Neural networks that can quickly generate images from a text query, combine graphic objects, or recreate missing elements, including human faces, have gained particular popularity. They do not replace the work of designers and artists, but help to optimize routine processes.

How Neural Networks Generate Images

A neural network is a program capable of self-learning, but its work needs to be “finalized” and improved in the course of practice. The user of the neural network enters new information into it about how the elements look, adds their names, and with the help of certain algorithms “teaches” the program to find the same and different fragments. It is similar to how small children memorize animals, colors, letters of the alphabet from pictures.

For example, a Google image search also uses a neural network that has been trained to analyze images and identify similarities. After loading the original image, the neural network “runs” it through its database, comparing it with others, and offers similar ones.

According to a similar principle, neural networks generate illustrations on a text request. You name objects and creatures, describe them, and the algorithm picks up all possible elements from its base to express your message. Some neural networks do not recognize text, but can apply visual effects, styles, and elements of other images to ready-made solutions.

Although the direction of neural networks has come a long way in recent years, and such programs are becoming more effective, generated images are still far from real art. Therefore, there is no need to worry that illustrators and artists will be left without work. However, there are already dozens of services in the public domain that allow you to generate images online. CryptoNewsHerald found five such resources.


neural network DALL-E2 is a product of one of the leading AI development companies, OpenAI. This program works on the basis of a modern and popular algorithm GPT-3, also created by OpenAI. The second version of DALL-E is able to parse text queries in English and quickly generate images based on them.

In October 2022, the public release of the service took place, which made it possible to freely register in the service and use it. Now the system generates more than 2 million images per day. At the same time, to create a profile in DALL-E 2, you will need a phone number from a limited list of countries.

Generation of images by a neural network: 5 working services
Portrait of Satoshi Nakamoto generated by DALL-E 2. Data: CryptoNewsHerald

In the new version of the neural network, the function is available Outpanting. With its help, the user can finish the finished image. The program saves shadows, reflections, structures, color combinations in a large-scale version of the picture.

Registration in DALL-E 2 is free. After activating the account, the user has 50 credits: the credit is debited when sending the next text request. From the second month, the number of credits will decrease to 15, and it will be impossible to accumulate them, but you can buy them.

DALL-E 2 functionality is already used by companies and well-known brands. For example, magazines Cosmopolitan And The Economist used a neural network to generate images for their covers. Microsoft launched its own application based on the service designerwhich can generate various content: texts, advertising banners, postcards, logos, etc.

Deep Dream Generator

Deep Dream Generator is a platform not only for creating, but also for editing images with the ability to generate several pictures for free after registering a profile. On project website There are three formats available.

Text 2 Dream

Image generation from text. You need to enter a query that describes the desired image, and the neural network will collect it according to its algorithms. Also available is a list of ready-made requests, such as the drawing style and the name of the artist whose work will be used as a reference.

While the overall Text 2 Dream mode produces interesting and artistic results, its images fall short of the DALL-E 2 level, both in terms of word interpretation and picture quality. The creation process takes a little longer.

Generation of images by a neural network: 5 working services
Image generated by Deep Dream Generator for “NFT unicorn riding Space X in space”. Data: CryptoNewsHerald

deep dream

This tool allows for deep processing of the original image using AI algorithms. To do this, you need to upload the original file and set the parameters: the initial depth of development, the level of AI involvement and the “layer” number. The latter means how much the network transforms the image: changes can be truly significant.

deep style

An image processing service that uses art trends and genres as graphic filters. To use Deep Style, you need to upload a source image and select a reference image from the list.

Deep Dream Generator is free to use, but for a limited time. Upon registration, 30 points are awarded, which are removed for using the tools: 5 points for one request in Deep Style and Text 2 Dream and 2 points for Deep Dream. Additional points are paid: the cheapest plan costs $19 per month and has a limit of 120 points, which is replenished at a rate of 12 points per hour.

hot pot

Hotpot is another shareware service that has a service create pictures by text query. In addition to the request itself, you need to specify the type of visual effect of the picture and the desired size. The neural network needs from 2 to 20 seconds to process the result, but if the site is overloaded, the wait can take up to 2 hours or even a whole day. The downside of the free version is slow generation speed and small image size.

In practice, a long processing wait begins after the fourth attempt to generate a new picture. In order not to waste time processing requests, Hotpot offers to pay for them with credits. They can be purchased as a bundle or as a subscription. For example, 800 credits cost $10, but if paid monthly, 1000 credits are available for $10.

You can apply filters to the finished image, add text, edit the color rendering, etc. It is possible to convert the image to NFT. Also in Hotpot there are many services related to image processing: restoration, colorization, face enhancement, object and background removal, and others.

In addition, Hotpot will soon have a service to help you write text queries called AI Sparkwriter. For those who want to generate large volumes of images, Hotpot provides API.

Hotpot also offers paid features generating NFT collectionsconsisting of many images. Several tools are provided for this: Collection Mixer helps to combine different objects from images uploaded by the user, AI NFT Photo Maker overlays layers on original images. When creating digital items piece by piece, you also need to buy a service license.

night cafe

A popular image generator that does not just collect graphic elements from a search engine, but embeds them according to the style you choose.

The main neural network service is Text To Image. It draws various Coherent, Artistic or Stable visualizations. In response to a request, the program immediately generates 4 versions of the picture, which can be downloaded without a watermark and in high quality.

You can create pictures here without registration. At the start, you will be assigned 5 credits, the cost of one generation is 1 credit. Once the trial version is over, you will have to pay $0.08 for each new loan. Also, points are awarded for activity in the community: posting messages, comments and other actions.

Although Night Cafe uses various pre-made graphic elements, all rights to the pre-made images belong to the user.

Dream by WOMBO

On Dream site You can generate images without registration. The program is also available as a mobile app for Android and iOS. To receive new images, it is enough to fill in a text request, select a visualization style and wait 10-20 seconds. The neural network produces pictures that can be downloaded or published in the feed on the service website.

In addition, finished images in Dream can be released as NFTs on the Ethereum or Polygon network. This requires a Web3 wallet. The issue of the token is free, but you need to pay a network commission.

Minus the service: images are generated in a frame and in low resolution.

Generation of images by a neural network: 5 working services
Dream generated image for “Pink unicorn”. Data: CryptoNewsHerald

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Neural network image generation is an exciting new technology that has the potential to revolutionize the way we create and manipulate images. With the help of these five free online services, users can experiment and explore the capabilities of this powerful tool. By taking advantage of the free resources available, users can easily create unique, high-quality images that can be used in any project. With the help of neural network image generation, the possibilities are endless.


FAQ about Neural Network Image Generation: 5 Free Online Services

What is Neural Network Image Generation?

Neural Network Image Generation is an AI-driven technology that enables computers to generate realistic images from scratch based on a given set of parameters. It can be used to generate images of objects, animals, people, and more.

What are 5 free online services for Neural Network Image Generation?

The 5 free online services for Neural Network Image Generation are Dreamscope, Deep Dream Generator, Deep Dreamer, Deep Dream Zoo, and Deep Art.

What features do these services offer?

These services offer various features, such as image and video generation, image manipulation, and deep learning algorithms. They also allow users to upload their own images and customize the generated output.

Do these services require any special hardware or software?

No, these services do not require any special hardware or software. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection.

Are the images generated by these services free to use?

Yes, the images generated by these services are generally free to use. However, it is always recommended to check the Terms of Service of each service before using the images.

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