Nomad hackers laundered $1.5 million using Tornado Cash mixer

Unidentified individuals linked to the Nomad cross-chain bridge hackers laundered 1,200 ETH (nearly $1.6 million) using a sub-sanctioned Tornado Cash mixer. Analysts of the CertiK resource reported this on their Twitter page.

According to published data, an unknown person in several transactions of 100 ETH laundered the cryptocurrency stolen from the cross-chain bridge. It is not known where the laundered funds went. At the same time, it remains unclear whether the Nomad cracker or the person who received the stolen cryptocurrency through an over-the-counter transaction is behind the operations.

The Nomad cross-chain bridge lost about $200 million in cryptocurrency due to a hack in August 2022. For unknown reasons, the bridge configuration introduced the ability to receive 100 WBTC in exchange for the sent 0.01 WBTC.

The problem, according to Twitter user @samczsun, is that the protocol’s automated system failed to provide proof of the legality of such operations in a timely manner. In his opinion, one of the project updates led to an error.

In the same month, hackers returned about $9 million in cryptocurrencies to Nomad developers. Under what conditions exactly the hackers returned the cryptocurrency and what exactly became the reason remains unknown. Despite recovering $9 million, the hackers later laundered about $7.5 million.

Nomad hackers do not appear to be intimidated by the risk of being sanctioned by the US authorities, as authorities have previously imposed restrictions on the Tornado Cash mixer. Entities controlled by the US Treasury have imposed sanctions against the mixer due to its assistance in laundering more than $7 billion of cryptocurrencies since 2019. According to the US authorities, the smart contract helped the North Korean hacker group Lazarus Group to launder $455 million in stolen cryptocurrency. Additionally, Tornado Cash is reported to have helped launder over $96 million in the Harmony cross-chain heist.


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