Pornography and Big Bang TheorySolana NFT marketplace Magic Eden compromised

Pornography and the Big Bang Theory

  • The NFT marketplace Magic Eden was attacked on Tuesday 03 January. That explained the crypto company in a tweet.
  • Specifically, it says, “Our third-party service that we use to cache images has been compromised.”
  • However, Magic Eden emphasizes that customers’ NFTs are safe. The platform was not hacked, it said.
  • On twitter complain Users that the display images of their non-fungible tokens have been replaced with pornographic content and JPEGs of scenes from the US sitcoim The Big Bang Theory.
  • Magic Eden advises to “update the browser to fix the problem”.
  • It is still unclear who is behind the attack. Magic Eden does not want to name the third-party provider for “security reasons”.
  • The Solana-based NFT trading platform is now competing with Ethereum applications. The digital crypto art market is still in bad shape. More about this here.
  • So far, the incident has not had any impact on the recently rapidly rising Solana price.
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