Publisher Withdraws Alex Mashinsky’s Book After Celsius Bankruptcy

Celsius burn-min
Celsius burn-min

The book that was being prepared for publication by the former CEO of the Celsius Network crypto-lending platform, Alex Mashinsky, has been withdrawn from sale. This has been confirmed by Wiley.

The book, titled The Mashinsky Method: A Decentralized Path to Financial Freedom, was due to hit store shelves in June 2023. According to the description on Amazonthe former head of Celsius promised to teach readers a “7-step method” to “protect assets and create total income […] using stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.”

One of the Twitter users asked the publisher to “not be dishonored” and not to release the book, since “the real“ Mashinsky method ”is described in court documents” regarding the Celsius bankruptcy proceedings.

Wiley responded by assuring that the book was cancelled. However, updating the information on the websites of numerous retailers can take time. One of the Australian retailers still hasn’t removed the pre-order ad for 46.25AUD ($32).

For the first time, the publisher announced that the book would not be published back in November 2022.

Recall that on June 13, 2022, the Celsius crypto lender suspended the withdrawal of funds, exchange and transfers between accounts. A month later, the platform filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The company’s liabilities exceeded its assets by $2.85 billion.

In September, Alex Mashinsky stepped down as CEO of Celsius.

In early 2023, the New York Attorney General’s Office accused Mashinsky of defrauding investors “for billions of dollars.”

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