Ray Dalio owns bitcoin, although he prefers gold

American billionaire, financier, founder of the largest investment company Bridgewater Associates, Ray Dalio (Ray Dalio) admitted that he owns a certain amount of bitcoins, although he prefers gold. He explained that investors should be prepared for the exceptional volatility of the asset.

He spoke about his attitude to the first cryptocurrency in chris williamson podcast: “I don’t understand why people are leaning more towards bitcoin than gold. Internationally, gold is the third largest reserve asset for central banks. First dollars, then euros, gold and the Japanese yen,” he said.

Dalio explained that gold is a versatile asset that does not change over time, while bitcoin requires constant attention due to its volatility:

You have to be prepared for it to drop 80% or something.

In December 2021, Ray Dalio already admitted that he had invested some money in Bitcoin and Ethereum. In an interview with Yahoo Finance, the founder of Bridgewater Associates praised the first cryptocurrency: “Impressive is the fact that this development has withstood the last 10-11 years. He [биткоин] hasn’t been hacked and it’s spreading.” The investor sees cryptocurrency “as an alternative to money in an environment where the value of money depreciates in real terms.”

And in March 2022, it became known that the investment company Bridgewater Associates, founded by Dalio, is going to invest in one of the third-party crypto funds.

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