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Crypto pyramids have begun to involve citizens who have moved abroad, for example, to the CIS countries, and use digital currencies to withdraw funds. cryptonewsherald was told about a similar trend in the security service for crypto assets SCHARD.

They explained: many relocators continue to work remotely for Russian companies, but under the sanctions they cannot pay with a domestic bank card and transfer their salaries through crypto. At the same time, in Telegram channels and local groups, users are offered to exchange money, as well as earn extra money. Thus, relocators become easy prey for scammers and cryptopyramids, losing funds as a result.

According to the company’s research, the total damage from cryptopyramids over the past three years in the CIS countries amounted to $5 billion, and in Russia – about $3.3 billion. And the share of such projects related to digital currencies increased from 15% in 2020 to 58% last year.

After the imposition of sanctions, many services appeared to help Russians pay for services abroad, and some of them turned out to be fraudulent, said Evgenia Burova, PR director of the Garantex cryptocurrency exchange.

According to her, there have also been cases when attackers offered advice on transfers in crypto, gained the trust of users, and then advertised supposedly profitable investments, because of which people ended up losing money. They lure users, for example, into buying tokens or a pyramid scheme. However, the promise of income three to four times higher than on a bank deposit should alert, the expert emphasized.

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There would be a conclusion: relocants fell under the sight of the creators of cryptopyramids

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