Ripple CTO Kicks Against Opinion That Non-Mining Nodes On The Bitcoin Network Do Not Matter

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What function do Bitcoin house nodes serve?

In a tweet right now, Ripple Chief Expertise Officer David Schwartz rejected arguments by Jerry David Chan that Bitcoin house nodes don’t matter to the Bitcoin community, saying “miners gained’t mine blocks node operators gained’t pay them for.”

“Nonsense. You may refuse to simply accept any tokens rewarded to miners in that block. Miners gained’t mine blocks node operators gained’t pay them for,” Schwartz tweeted.

Chan, on his half, retorts that Schwartz’s argument is simply legitimate if all exchanges additionally reject the transactions.

Nonetheless, Schwartz responds by noting that it’s irrelevant what exchanges do, because the true function of house nodes is for customers to determine who they work together with on the community. Moreover, he notes that with the house node, customers can be sure that those that don’t meet their standards don’t work together with them.

Notably, the dispute began with a tweet from Kurt, the founding father of, who asserted that communists had taken over the Bitcoin community. In response to Kurt, the concept that mining nodes can’t be trusted has pitted the mining class towards the non-mining class. In response to Kurt, the core Bitcoin ideology has been deserted for financial coverage determined by folks that don’t contribute to the community.

The banter finally devolved into an argument concerning the validity of transaction rejections by house nodes. At this level, Chan identified that house nodes don’t safe or contribute to the Bitcoin community as they can’t produce blocks. Chan famous that an reverse block needed to be created to reject an invalid transaction.

These help ideas by Craig Wright, who has brazenly claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin’s whitepaper. In response to Wright, the dearth of the flexibility of house nodes to create blocks or reject transactions meant they served no function in securing or distributing transactions on the community. As a substitute, Wright asserts that they’re solely essential to the purpose that they permit customers to watch, obtain and validate receipt of transactions quicker.

It’s value noting that the relevance of house nodes has been hotly contested for years, and a number of other authors have differing opinions on the matter.

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