Scientists have created a cyborg with AI sense of smell

Tel Aviv University researchers created a robot capable of identifying ten different odors. Scientists have said that its level of sensitivity is 10,000 times higher than that of some specialized devices.

The robot was taught to recognize smells.
Teaching a robot to recognize the smell of an aromatic liquid. Data: Biosensor and Bioelectronics.

The authors described the development as a biohybrid platform.

Scientists equip a four-wheeled robot with a set of antennae desert locustconnected to the electronic system. It measures the number of signals produced by the antennas when odors are detected.

The researchers then used a machine learning algorithm to create a “smell library”.

As a result, the robot learned to identify eight “pure” smells, including geranium, lemon and marzipan, as well as two “mixtures”.

The researchers now plan to train the gadget to follow the scent trail to its source.

According to them, in the future the device can be used to search for drugs and explosives.

Recall that in July 2022, researchers from Rice University turned dead spiders into robots capable of grabbing small objects. They can lift 130% more than their own weight.

In December 2021, scientists created “living” robots that can reproduce.

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