Secrets from Robin Sharma that will help you dramatically change your life!

Robin Sharma is the author of many books on success and personal growth. One of his books that made him famous is The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. In this book, the author practically describes his life and experience, which helps many readers to this day.

Like his hero, the author dreamed of succeeding as a lawyer but quickly realized that the strategies adopted for success in today’s world are ineffective and contribute little to happiness. So he left the law and began to look for his path. In search of his destiny, he traveled worldwide, studying the experience of sages of the West and the East.

Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma perfectly combined Western strategies for personal effectiveness with Eastern techniques to improve mind, body, and spirit. Thousands of people who have experienced the system Sharma were able to change lives and realize their dreams!

The basis of the system of transformation and spiritual enrichment of a person included the following four techniques of the East and West.

1. Perfection of one’s consciousness.

This means that you and only you determine which thoughts should remain in your mind and which should not. This can be thought of as a garden of flowers. The garden is consciousness, and only we can decide what fertilizer (thoughts) to put in our garden. There are several ways in the book to keep the weeds out of mind. The most effective and efficient one is to always look for the pluses in every situation. Wherever you are and under what circumstances, you must not give in to panic or the flow of events but keep your sanity and not let negative thoughts flood your consciousness.

2. Goal Setting.

The purpose is a kind of beacon that indicates to us the main goal in life, which we choose for ourselves. “If you have a purpose that inspires you, your thoughts break the shackles of primary ideas, your consciousness is set free, and you enter an unseen world full of great wonders. The forces that were slumbering in you are awakened and activated to achieve it.

3. Technique: The Grain of Perfection.

It includes :

  • 1) the practice of constant self-improvement through inner change (a competent diet, improvement of one’s physical form, and purification of the mind);
  • 2) We are – external well-being, due to the internal work done;
  • 3) discovering the hidden source of strength by overcoming yourself;
  • 4) do what you’ve always been afraid to do, make mistakes because this is the experience we get in the process.

4. technique – “The Power of Self-Control.”

Sharma defines self-control as follows: “Self-control is the iron from which steel of character is forged. Self-control can be achieved by working on yourself daily, by taking steps every day that train your character, you will gain the power of tremendous power.

Thus, by following the above rules, you can succeed and change your life for the better.

I highly recommend this book for reading. Everyone will find their own way to self-improvement in it.

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