Selling cryptocurrencies for fiat became available in Brave Wallet

Privacy-focused web browser Brave has announced the launch of a new feature that allows you to not only buy cryptocurrencies, but also sell them for fiat – including US dollars, euros and British pounds – without leaving the integrated wallet. Brave Wallet.

Cryptocurrency self-storage continues to gain momentum. Brave aims to make this self-storage process easier with a new feature powered by startup Ramp Network.

“Centralized exchanges mishandled customer funds. So now more than ever, it’s important to offer secure and easy-to-manage self-storage,” Brave said in a post.

Brave is an open source web browser with a built-in crypto wallet. Unlike other internet browsers, it blocks ads and trackers by default. Brave Wallet was originally a fork of MetaMask. But as the project progressed, the project team decided that a higher level of security and privacy could only be achieved with the help of an integrated crypto wallet built into the browser.

Brave’s new feature will allow you to exchange 38 cryptocurrencies for fiat

According to Brave, users in some countries can now trade 38 cryptocurrencies for fiat, including Ethereum, Solana, and the project’s native token BAT.

“While self-custody has grown in popularity over the past decade, centralized exchanges remain the most common way to store digital currency and tokens,” the company added. “We expect change to come through user experience innovations like the one we’re releasing today.”

Last month, Brave added support for decentralized applications (dApps) using the Solana blockchain to mobile browsers for iOS and Android. This gave users the ability to connect to platforms such as Magic Eden, Orca, and Jupiter.

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