Shanghai Ethereum Shadow Fork Successful

The Ethereum team has successfully implemented the shadow fork Shanghai to test the impact of the planned upgrade on the mainnet. This was announced by the developer of the Geth client, Marius van der Weyden.

According to him, during testing there were a number of problems due to improper configuration of Geth. After the fix, all the nodes began to work in concert.

Van der Weyden, along with a colleague, launched several malicious nodes to test the stability of both layers of the network – execution and consensus.

“These nodes are trying to spam [сеть] invalid blocks and messages. Now the finalization in the chain is happening correctly. Let’s see if Potuz and I can break it, ”wrote the developer.

In early December, the Ethereum team named March 2023 as the tentative date for the Shanghai mainnet hard fork. The update includes a set of suggestions to improve the network. Among them is EIP-4895, the implementation of which will allow the withdrawal of ETH from the Beacon Chain staking contract.

In November, the developers launched devnet in order to test the function of withdrawing cryptocurrency from a deposit contract by validators.

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