South Korean officials may be forced to report on the presence of cryptocurrency

South Korean Prime Minister Han Do-soo believes that high-ranking officials should be forced to disclose information about their digital currency.

Speaking at a press conference, the prime minister noted that the state should be aware of all employees of the government apparatus who invested part of their capital in virtual assets.

You can start with officials who hold high positions in government and other institutions.

Han Do-soo recalled that now civil servants must report on the availability of precious metals. The same scheme can be applied to cryptocurrencies.

The South Korean authorities have been tightening their policy towards the cryptocurrency market over the past few years.

This week, local media reported on searches at the headquarters of the UpBit and Bithumb bitcoin exchanges.

Seoul stepped up its oversight of the industry after the collapse of the Terra ecosystem last spring and the bankruptcy of many crypto companies, which resulted in many Korean investors losing their capital.

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