Strike CEO Predicts Capital Transfer From Banking To Crypto

According to Strike CEO Jack Mullers, inflation in the US creates conditions for a large-scale redistribution of capital in favor of bitcoin and other virtual coins.

Investment could be boosted by $300bn injection into the US banking sector last week.

Mullers believes that the dollar will depreciate, while bitcoin, on the contrary, is increasingly seen as a safe tool for accumulating capital.

On CNBC, the CEO of Strike said:

The printing press has already been launched and it is clear to us and our clients that it is no longer possible to keep funds in dollars.

Mullers supports those experts who point to the main advantage of bitcoin in its limited supply.

Dollars can be issued in any amount, and cryptocurrency has a strictly fixed supply. That is why investors are already eyeing BTC and are preparing for a large redistribution of capital in favor of a digital asset, the businessman emphasized.

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