Telegram launches digital gifts TON Gifts messenger

TON Gifts


The popular messenger Telegram launches a new feature – digital gifts “TON Gifts”, based on the TON Blockchain, which can be sent to other users in private chats

“At the height of this holiday season, we are launching TON Gifts, a service that will help you surprise your friends and loved ones with unique NFT gifts right on Telegram,” the announcement reads.

Each gift will be individual: you can generate a Christmas tree, a snowman, a black rabbit (the symbol of 2023) and a bouquet of flowers. In addition, users can also send any amount of TON in a “beautiful animated envelope” or an NFT diamond in an animated box.

At the same time, Telegram is launching a festive lottery among users of a new function, within which there is a chance to get back the amount of TON that was spent on a gift.

“Giving and receiving gifts is an important part of the holiday magic. For this reason, along with the launch of the project, we are also announcing a lottery with prizes for the winners. By sending a gift through TON Gifts, you are automatically registered in the TON draw, and you have a chance to get back the value of the gift. The selection of winners and distribution of funds will be random”

As stated in the announcement, the launch of TON Gifts is scheduled for this week, but the exact date has not yet been announced.

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