Ten most important lessons on cryptocurrency and money in general in 2022!

Decentralization can kill any crypto project!

If the panic has gathered momentum, there are no stopping people! If everyone starts taking their money out of the project, no one will stop it, and everything will collapse to zero!


Centralization will not save either!

If in decentralization you can save something, centralization will not save anything. FTX collapse showed that very well.

Many crypto projects are managed by smart but financially illiterate people.

All of them have cool education, but they don’t have foresight and risk management skills. FTX and Luna collapse showed it again.

Storing cryptocurrency, even on the top exchanges, is very dangerous!

Anything can collapse on the cryptocurrency market! No matter how top, big and reliable it may seem! Here again, FTX is an example!

Freezing tokens is not profitable.

I told you already that I do not understand people who freeze their tokens for several years. You don’t know what will happen in a month here. In a bear market, these people have lost 99% of their money, and it is not certain that they will recover at least 10%.

The pursuit of high yields ends in the loss of the portfolio.

Participation in projects with returns of 20% to 50% per annum in dollars can lead to a loss of 100% of invested money!

If you don’t have free money, a time reserve of several years, and limits – you, with a 99% probability, will lose your money on cryptocurrency!

In general, in professional terms, it’s all called an investment statement. I already explained that long-term earnings are not possible without it.

The masses are always shifting!

In a bull market, the crowd yells that this is the future; in a bear market, that this is the end. Don’t follow the crowd! Always follow your principles no matter what time it is!

History never teaches you anything and will always repeat itself.

There will be new great crashes, wars, and crises in the future for the same reasons. You need to understand this, accept it and be on your guard.

In making money, it’s not so much the projects you invest in but how you stick to your principles!

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