That Trump’s “big announcement” was about NFTs confirms that they need to reinvent themselves from scratch

Donald Trump promised a “big announcement” on his Truth Social network account. Few expected that they were finally some NFTs of himself, where he reviews his “life and career” and They cost $99 each.. Trump’s entry into the world of digital assets has come promoted by his wife, Melania Trumpwhich has several digital works and has already worked with this technology in the past.

A Trump superhero for your collection. Trump himself anticipated that his ad would be “a lot like a baseball card.” The idea of ​​these NFTs is as if they were collectible digital trading cards of Trump himself, in somewhat curious ways. Several of the NFTs, based on Polygon, they are Trump caricatured as a superhero. In one of them, chosen for the image that illustrates this article, he appears with a United States cape, a ‘T’ on his chest and a large belt with the slogan ‘Trump Champion’.

As with many NFT campaigns, creators must associate some additional value beyond the NFT itself. In this case, a raffle for buyers has been associated, where in addition to prizes there is the opportunity to meet the only #45. “A great gift for Christmas,” Trump explains.

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He denies that it is a way to finance his political campaign. If NFTs have gained such a bad reputation, it is because instead of focusing on the collectible aspect, they mainly revolve around their economic value. Many companies and personalities have signed up to this technology as a way to try to monetize their visibility.

“These digital collectible cards are not political and have nothing to do with any political campaign,” said Trump, who flatly denies that it will serve to support a possible presidential campaign for 2024.

“That all this ends to start from scratch”. The NFTs launched by Trump are so outlandish that even NFT advocates themselves have cried out to heaven. “I have so many questions and comments but really just in disbelief and confused and I hope it all goes to zero quickly so we can start over.” said crypto influencer Scott Melker.

In the past, Trump had been critical of everything crypto, but now, curiously when the market is not experiencing its best moments, the former president of the United States is signing up for this technology. The reception has been quite critical on social networks, showing that future projects with NFTs need to reinvent themselves. Fortunately, some have already begun to emerge whose approach is radically different from what Trump offers.

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