The bitcoin rate reached a maximum since August 2022 and rose above $24 thousand | Economy news | News

The bitcoin rate rose above $24 thousand. About this testify data from the Binance cryptocurrency exchange on February 2.

Thus, the cryptocurrency exchange rate rose by 2.8% per day and amounted to $24.19 thousand. This was the maximum since August 15, 2022. By 10:20 Moscow time, the price of bitcoin was fixed at $23.81.

In addition, the Ethereum cryptocurrency has risen in price by 5.6%, to $1.66 thousand.

On January 25, Ph.D. in Economics, financial economist Mikhail Belyaev allowed bitcoin to rise to $30,000. He noted that the rate would gradually rise, since there are people who bought it much cheaper and who can dump coins to generate income.

In addition, according to him, amid reports of the unpromising dollar, bitcoin may rise above $30,000, since it has no economic justification.

At the same time, the founder of Anderida Financial Group, Alexei Tarapovsky, told cryptonewsherald on January 14 that the increase in the cost of bitcoin is most likely a temporary phenomenon, and it is too early to talk about a long-term growth trend.

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