The complexity of bitcoin mining has updated the record |

Bitcoin mining difficulty set a new record on January 16th. As a result of the next recalculation, it updated its historical maximum, having increased by 10.26% to 37.59 T, according to data The previous record was set on November 21, 2022, when the difficulty reached 36.95 T, writes RBC Crypto.

The parameter changes every 2016 blocks, or approximately once every two weeks. This is necessary to keep the block time around 10 minutes. The next change in mining difficulty should occur around January 30, it will make bitcoin mining even more difficult: the expected figure is 37.65T (+0.17%).

The average time to receive a block is now 9 min 4 s. The bitcoin hashrate (the total computing power of equipment that produces cryptocurrency) at the current difficulty is expected to be 269.02 EH/s, which is also close to the maximum values ​​- on September 12, 2022, a historical maximum was recorded at 281.79 EH/s.

Since the beginning of the year, the bitcoin exchange rate increased by 27%. As of 11:10 Moscow time on January 16, the asset is trading at $20.8 thousand. Over the past day, the first cryptocurrency has risen in price by 2.5% and updated the price maximum for 4 months.

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