The European rehabilitation center began to provide services for the treatment of addiction to cryptocurrency trading

A luxury rehab center in Spain recently began providing services aimed at treating a new type of addiction – cryptocurrency trading. The rehabilitation center estimates that about 1% of crypto traders suffer from an “extreme” form of trading addiction.

Based in Switzerland, The Balance rehab center is located on the Spanish island of Mallorca, but there are branches in London and Zurich. The Balance has been successfully treating such traditional types of addictions as alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling and others for a long time, but new times are throwing up new ways to earn money, so recently the center began to develop the direction of treating addiction to crypto trading.

One of the clients recently came to the center because he could not stop trading, making transactions in the amount of $ 200,000 daily. Treatment for addiction involves a four-week stay within the walls of the institution, which includes psychotherapy (cognitive-behavioral direction), massage, yoga and other useful things . The cost of such a “rest from crypto” can exceed $75,000.

The cosmic ups and downs of the crypto market, which, moreover, can be traded around the clock (unlike the stock market), are really addictive and create a demand for services for drug addicts (trading addicts?) involved in trading.

Family Addiction Specialist article notes that approximately 1% of crypto traders will develop a pathological addiction, and 10% will have other problems not related to financial losses.

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