The number of bitcoin addresses holding 1 BTC exceeded 1 million

The number of bitcoin addresses containing at least 1 BTC has crossed the 1 million mark, according to Glassnode.

The most noticeable gains in the indicator took place during the sharp decline of Bitcoin in June 2022 (the 3AC bankruptcy, which was preceded by the collapse of the Terra ecosystem) and after November 11 (the collapse of FTX).

Since February 2022, the number of owners from 1 BTC has increased by ~190,000.

The co-founder of Glassnode under the nickname Negentropic predicted the continuation of the growth of the first cryptocurrency.

“Confident in our medium-term target of $35,000 as outside pressure eases. Fed to pause rate hike in June […] – optimal for upward movement [биткоина] during the summer. The dollar index crossed down a significant moving average – explosive movements are ahead, ”he explained.

Former Goldman Sachs top executive and macro investor Raul Pal said that the cryptocurrency will outperform other assets amid the banking crisis.

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