The Optimism team announced the second OP airdrop

What is a cryptocurrency airdrop?  CryptoNewsHerald explains
What is a cryptocurrency airdrop?  CryptoNewsHerald explains

The developers of the Optimism L2 protocol will distribute 11.7 million native OP tokens among more than 300,000 unique addresses.

During the first airdrop in May 2022, 232,000 users received a total of almost 232 million OPs.

This allowed to begin the formation of a decentralized project management system, the team noted. Since then, 88,000 addresses have voted on over 90 proposals to distribute 50M OP across the ecosystem. In February 2023, the community will make a decision regarding the first update of Optimism, Bedrock.

β€œAt the same time, the core network is turning into a booming economy. More than 1.5 million addresses have sent 64 million transactions since the first airdrop, spending about $15 million in fees,” the statement said.

The second distribution of tokens is designed to reward participation in the management and active use of the network.

The team took a snapshot on January 20, 2023. Developers will distribute tokens to addresses that:

  • delegated the right to vote to their OPs;
  • since March 25, 2022, they have spent a total of $6.10 on commissions (the average cost of a transaction in Ethereum).

The volume of the first airdrop amounted to about 5.4% of the OP issue, the second airdrop was about 1.44%. In total, the team committed to giving away 19% of the total OP offer to users.

Recall that in January, Optimism surpassed the competing L2 protocol Arbitrum in terms of daily transaction volume.

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