The Pentagon wrote a press release using ChatGPT

Chatbots with artificial intelligence
Chatbots with artificial intelligence

US Department of Defense used ChatGPT to write an article about the launch of a new anti-drone task force.

The material was published by the agency’s Visual Information Dissemination Service (DVIDS). It is an online repository of news and images created by the US military.

The article is about the launch of Task Force 39. According to ChatGPT, it is “an empowered joint group of soldiers focused on developing an innovative culture and establishing regional and industry partnerships to ensure combat effectiveness in the future.”

The team is focused on countering the threat of small unmanned aerial vehicles and developing innovative solutions to other security challenges.

The press release notes that the material was created using artificial intelligence.

“The use of AI to create this story highlights the US Army Central Command’s commitment to exploiting new technologies and innovations in a complex and ever-changing operational environment,” the post reads.

Writing articles for DVDS is one of several applications of artificial intelligence by the agency. The vault contains articles and photographs of the Pentagon’s experiments with autonomous drone swarms.

2018 Material of the Year at DVIDS depicts infantry exchanging information with AI-controlled drones that cruise around the ruined city.

The Pentagon wrote a press release using ChatGPT
A slide demonstrating the exchange of information between soldiers and drones. Data: DVDS.

In 2021 the portal published information on the use of artificial intelligence to train members of the US Air National Guard.

The Pentagon is not the first organization to blog with AI. Earlier, BuzzFeed announced its intention to use generative models for content creation.

Recall that in January, the CNET information portal was convicted of writing articles using AI. It turned out that some materials contained critical errors.

The portal management acknowledged the inaccuracies in the articles and announced their correction. At the same time, the journal intends to continue using the AI ​​author.

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