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The price of bitcoin (BTC) is growing by more than 10%. Relevant information follows from site data CoinDesk.

So, at 1:29 Moscow time, Bitcoin grew by 10.66%, to $27,472. The peak value was at 1:45, when BTC reached $27,818. Then at 2:00, it dropped to $27,633.

The cost of bitcoin for the first time since June 12, 2022 exceeded $27,000.

Earlier, on March 14, Capital Lab partner Evgeny Shatov explained to cryptonewsherald that the bitcoin rate rose significantly against the background of news about the launch of a state program in the United States, the purpose of which is to provide local banks with access to liquidity to cover deposit obligations.

At the beginning of 2023, the Bitcoin exchange rate was at the level of $16.5 thousand. On February 16, BTC rose above $25 thousand, which was the maximum since August 2022. On February 27, according to the CoinDesk cryptocurrency exchange, it was at the level of $23.7 thousand.

The founder of Anderida Financial Group, Alexey Tarapovsky, expressed the opinion on January 14 that the increase in the cost of bitcoin is most likely a temporary phenomenon and it is too early to talk about a long-term growth trend.

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