The State Duma promises to adopt a bill on cryptocurrencies in the spring session

Deputies of the State Duma plan to adopt a bill on regulating the activities of miners by the end of 2023.

In parallel, the lower house of the Russian parliament promises to speed up the legalization of digital currencies as a means of settlement in foreign markets.

In an interview with the News.Ru portal, Anatoly Aksakov, chairman of the State Duma Financial Market Committee, said that the law on the international use of virtual currencies would be adopted before the end of the spring session, that is, before July 30.

The parliamentarian stressed that our companies face big problems when interacting with foreign contractors. Due to sanctions, settlements in dollars and euros are almost impossible, so Moscow can use cryptocurrencies to circumvent the restrictions.

Aksakov said:

I think that already in the spring session we will adopt a law in the first reading, which concerns the legalization of the use of cryptocurrencies in external settlements. We agreed with the Central Bank and the Russian government that this should be done.

According to the deputy, the discussion on the creation of a national cryptocurrency exchange continues.

To deploy a federal-scale trading platform, it is necessary to prepare the appropriate infrastructure, which will be controlled by the Bank of Russia and the Ministry of Finance.

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