The State Financial Monitoring Service of Ukraine reported on the blocking of bitcoin exchangers of the Russian Federation


The State Financial Monitoring Service of Ukraine issued report following the results of 2022, in which she spoke about the actions taken by her in relation to the cryptocurrency market.

Together with the Ministry of Digital Transformation and “key cryptoexperts,” the agency worked to identify and completely block the hosting of a number of Russian bitcoin exchangers associated with sub-sanctioned banks.

With the support of cryptocurrency providers, a mechanism for spontaneous blocking of Russian wallets has been launched.

The regulatory authority also turned to the Binance exchange “with specific proposals to curb Russian aggression in the virtual asset market.”

“[После его рассмотрения] Binance has changed its policy and since March 20, 2022, it has excluded the possibility of making P2P transactions for a number of Russian banks and payment systems that are on the sanctions list. In addition, other practical measures have been implemented to block Russian crypto assets and operations of Russian residents,” the report says.

Recall that in August 2022, the Security Service of Ukraine, with the assistance of the Binance exchange, blocked the cryptocurrency wallet of the Russian arms manufacturer Vladislav Lobaev, who was raising funds for the Russian army.

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