The timing of the activation of the Shapella update in the Goerli test network has become known

The developers of the Ethereum network have announced that next week the Shapella network update will be activated on the Goerli network.

Ethereum developers plan to implement a Shapella hard fork on the Goerli testnet, which will delay the withdrawal of funds from the main network by three to four weeks. This launch will mark the first deployment to the public testnet, which will allow full and partial ETH withdrawals to be tested.

According to a tweet from Ethereum developer Tim Beiko, the upgrade is scheduled for March 14, with a community conference the day before. To keep track of the Goerli update, the EthStaker community will be streaming live on YouTube.

“After a smooth transition to Sepolia, a Shapella update is now scheduled for the Goerli testnet. This is expected to be the last testnet update before Shapella is planned for the Ethereum mainnet,” the blog post reads.

Ethereum recalled that this update follows the Merge and allows validators to move their stake off the network back to the execution layer. It also introduces new functionality at both the execution and consensus levels.

“When choosing a client to run, validators should be particularly aware of the risks of running most clients on both EL and CL. <…> An assessment of the current distribution of EL and CL clients and guidance on moving from one client to another can be found here,” the blog notes.

At the end of February, the developers have already upgraded the test network as part of the March Shanghai update. With the testnet, Ethereum developers have been able to run applications and updates on the network and fix any potential issues before the update goes live on the mainnet.

The main network upgrade is planned for March. It is expected that withdrawals from ETH staking will be available with it. However, the update will be released without EIP-4844 to eliminate delays in ETH staking withdrawals.


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