The volume of investments in crypto funds increased to $117 million

Against the backdrop of an improvement in the situation in the market for risky assets and a rebound in bitcoin, institutional investors have again become interested in tools focused on cryptocurrencies.

In a report from CoinShares, crypto funds were able to raise a total of $117 million during the week, the largest seven-day inflow in six months. The researchers note that bitcoin funds received the lion’s share of the funds – $116 million.

Institutions preferred to bet on BTC last week, as this particular asset turned out to be the most productive, having risen in price by more than $40%.

In 2022, due to macroeconomic instability, institutional investors have predominantly withdrawn funds from crypto funds.

The net capital flow into such instruments over the 12 months was only $433 million. According to CoinShares, investment in crypto funds was the lowest since 2018.

Last week, the volume of trading in such instruments rose to $1.3 billion.

Whereas BTC funds raised funds, Solana, Cardano and Polygon-focused products, on the other hand, experienced minor capital outflows, the authors of the report noted.

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