Tim Draper Confirms His Bitcoin Prediction

In November, financier Tim Draper said that Bitcoin will reach $250,000 in 2023. In his opinion, the cryptocurrency will add in value against the backdrop of accelerating inflation and the depreciation of fiat money.

Last week, Draper reiterated his bullish outlook and added that BTC has already become part of the global financial system. Those experts and billionaires who believe that the bubble will burst soon and bitcoin will disappear are mistaken. Its popularity, on the contrary, will grow in the coming years.

Tim Draper emphasized:

I expect bitcoin to skyrocket to $250,000. I thought it would happen by June, but now I think it could happen a little later. We will all benefit from the growth of the economy based on bitcoin.

The financier periodically states that the main advantage of digital currency is its decentralization. BTC does not depend on central banks, and it will rise in price due to the entry of institutional investors.

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