TON launched the TON Storage ecosystem for data storage and data exchange

Blockchain The Open Network (TON) announced about the launch of TON Storage, a decentralized solution for file sharing and data storage.

The developers said that the service can solve many problems related to the amount of data. The storage is a peer-to-peer file sharing via “torrents”. They are transmitted through a decentralized, secure and private computer network, but on the TON blockchain. So users can freely and securely exchange files of any size, while all data will be automatically backed up and encrypted.

The developers of the project claim that TON Storage guarantees almost indefinite storage of data, while smart contracts on the blockchain will regulate financial incentives. The node operator and the user will be able to create a smart contract on the TON blockchain that guarantees that the user will pay a fixed amount in Toncoin for storing files for a predetermined period of time.

Any user can become a node operator in the TON network and receive fees from other users for hosting files, even if he works with only one node. In addition, the storage is effectively combined with the TON Sites site building service and the TON DNS domain, allowing you to run sites on the TON network without a fixed IP address, a centralized domain, or a certified centralized authority.

“This technology can be used by both individual users and services with a multi-million audience. Providing reliable distributed storage is the next step in realizing our vision of a decentralized open internet. We can’t wait to see what products our community will create using this technology,” said Anatoly Makosov, founder of the TON Foundation.

The launch of TON Storage has become another initiative of the project to develop the field of decentralized finance. In autumn, an auction was launched on the blockchain, where short descriptors of the Telegram messenger will be put up for sale. Trading was conducted on a third-party website,, with a 4-letter lot minimum price of 10,000 Toncoin (TON) tokens.

In addition, following the launch of the auction, the founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov, announced that decentralized tools based on the TON blockchain would soon appear in the messenger. Possible developments include non-custodial wallets and decentralized exchanges. However, Durov did not name specific dates for the launch of new products.

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