Trezor CEO Points to Bitcoin’s Biggest Benefit

According to the CEO of the Trezor hardware crypto wallet developer Matei Jacques, bitcoin is a qualitatively new ecosystem. Therefore, it makes no sense to keep track of the value of this asset, since its true value lies in the innovative form of sending and receiving funds.

In 2023, we will observe a period of long-term consolidation in the crypto market. Trezor has a great opportunity to expand its business and improve the quality of its products. We need to prepare for the next bullish cycle, Matei Jacques emphasized.

Bitcoin is revolutionizing the global financial system, and this technology has enormous potential.

Trezor was able to benefit from the FTX crash. Demand for offline cryptocurrency storage services skyrocketed at the end of last year as investors massively withdrew funds from exchange wallets.

Trezor recorded an increase in hardware sales of about 300% in November.

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