Trust Wallet now supports Sui Network

Cryptocurrency wallet Trust Wallet has integrated the first-level blockchain Sui Network.

According to CoinGecko, after the launch of the main network, the daily trading volume of the SUI native network token reached $1.6 billion, and its capitalization was $723 million.

In total, 528 million SUI circulate in circulation with an issue of 10 billion coins.

In the first minutes of listing on Binance, the asset was trading at a maximum rate of $2.16, subsequently falling by 37% to $1.38.

Despite the negative dynamics after the placement, the participants of the token sale still benefited. Prior to listing, the token was trading at $0.03 and $0.1, a potential profit of over 200%.

The majority of SUI trading volume comes from Binance (50%), followed by Bybit (12%), OKX (11%) and KuCoin (7%).

In November 2022, the Mysten Labs startup team launched the first Wave 1 testnet. In March 2023, they implemented the “permanent” testnet Sui Network, which will continue to work after the launch of the protocol.

According to the Sui Foundation, over 50% of the planned tokens will be directed to the development of the project after the launch of the mainnet.


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