Trust Wallet temporarily halted USDT withdrawals on the Tron network

On February 6, the developers of the Trust Wallet cryptocurrency wallet reported problems with the withdrawal of USDT on the Tron network. The application has a corresponding plate.

On February 2, the Tron team proposed to review the fee calculation model. It provides for the introduction of a mechanism for the dynamic regulation of energy consumption in contracts, including in order to combat “low-value or fraudulent transactions.”

The initiative was supported by a majority of votes (22 – for, 5 – did not participate).

At the time of writing, the Trust Wallet team has not commented on the crash. Many users complained about the problem with the withdrawal of USDT TRC-20 standard under a tweet dated February 4th.

In December 2022, the Trust Wallet team added support for cross-chain swaps to the wallet thanks to the integration of the THORChain protocol.

The community has previously suggested using Trust Wallet and Rainbow as an alternative following reports of user data being collected in MetaMask.


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