Twitter is going to open access to the source code of the algorithms

The head of Twitter, Elon Musk, announced a possible discovery of the source code of the social network’s algorithms “next week.”

“Prepare to be disappointed when the algorithm goes public,” Musk responded to the call to make the source code public.

At the same time, the billionaire added that “it will improve rapidly.”

The seriousness of the intentions of the leadership of the social network is unknown. Previously, Musk has repeatedly spoken about the need to provide public access to the source code of the algorithms for generating the tweet feed.

It was also one of Musk’s main promises when he first announced his desire to acquire the social network.

Open source code could also reduce pressure from lawmakers and regulators on Twitter. The U.S. Supreme Court is currently considering arguments about the role of the YouTube algorithm in recommending ISIS videos to users. The final decision could affect the entire industry, industry representatives say.

In addition, the discovery of the source code of the algorithm can shift the focus from the scandal with the active display of Musk’s tweets even to users who are not subscribed to him.

According to some media reports, the head of the company asked the engineers to find out why his own activity on Twitter has declined sharply. The developers changed the operation of the algorithm, which increased the number of his tweets.

Musk called this behavior of the model a mistake and announced its elimination.

Previously, former head of the social network Jack Dorsey expressed disappointment at the lack of open and verifiable protocols. Before selling the company, he shared his thoughts with Musk, who called them “a super interesting idea.”

In April 2022, experts doubted that opening the source code of the algorithms would solve Twitter’s problems.

In May, Musk accused the social network’s recommender system of manipulating users.


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