Under G20 Presidency, India wants global crypto regulation

Under G20 Presidency

The Central Bank of India wants global crypto regulation. In addition to bans on DeFi and stablecoins, the financial institution describes the crypto market as a major risk.


  • According to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), one of the priorities for the G20 presidency is the development of global crypto regulation.
  • Among other things, this includes examining the “possibility of banning unsecured crypto assets, stablecoins and DeFi”.
  • The central bank warns that “crypto asset market turbulence” is among “the greatest risks that could potentially undermine global financial stability.”
  • In which 172-page report it is emphasized: “Regulating new technologies and business models after they have grown to a systemic level is a challenge.”
  • The report further notes that the collapse of crypto exchange FTX and subsequent sell-offs in the crypto market “have exposed inherent vulnerabilities in the crypto ecosystem.”
  • The G20 member states met back in October to discuss global crypto standards.
  • After an initially optimistic crypto policy, India has recently increasingly relied on tough regulation. More about this here.
  • Numerous voices call effective regulation the catalyst for the next bull rally.
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