We mourn in step with the times: China uses AI bots to communicate with the dead

Artificial intelligence allows not only to revive images, but is also able to recreate the images of dead people. In China, the demand for such services is very high. Using old photographs, recordings and messages, experts train programs to faithfully portray people who have already passed away. This is reported business insider.

By mixing various new AI technologies, programmers are creating chat programs known as griefbots that give people a chance to talk to their departed loved ones again.

The griefbot concept has evolved over the years, mostly AI-based programs that imitate people using their photographs and audio-video recordings. But the rapid development of generative AI over the past year has taken griefbot technology to a whole new level.

Older models required large amounts of data. Now non-professionals or lone engineers can provide language models with important information about a person and accurately recreate his appearance, voice timbre and vocabulary.

29-year-old software engineer Yu Jialin created the griefbot of his grandfather who died ten years ago, because he missed him very much. To do this, he used old letters from a relative, archival photographs and fragments of text messages. It took several weeks to write and train the bot, but the bot turned out to be very slow – it took about 10 minutes to generate a response. Yu Jialin continued to work on it and achieved great success.

Such technology causes not only interest, but also fears. Some experts believe that it can violate the privacy and identity rights of deceased people, as well as cause psychological harm to the living who cannot accept the loss of loved ones. In addition, there is a risk of such technology being misused for fraud or manipulation.

At the same time, some people see this technology as a way to keep the memory of their family and friends, as well as to receive support and comfort in difficult times. They hope that the AI ​​copies of the dead people will develop and become even more realistic and emotionally filled in the future.

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