What are the best cryptocurrencies to buy for less than 1 dollar?

It is common to see beginners looking into low priced cryptocurrencies in hopes of making bigger returns. Is it worth buying a cryptocurrency for less than 1 dollar? If so, in which cryptocurrencies at less than 1 dollar to invest?

The most popular cryptos under 1 $

Here is a list of 10 cryptocurrencies at less than 1 dollar and currently the most popular in 2023:

  • Ripple (XRP);
  • Dogecoin (DOGE);
  • Cardano (ADA);
  • Polygon (MATIC);
  • Tron (TRX);
  • Shiba Inu (SHIB);
  • Stellar (XLM);
  • Chronos (CRO);
  • Algorand (ALGO);
  • Vechain (VET).

For your information, this list is not based on any fundamental or technical element and is based solely on two criteria: the price of the cryptocurrencies and the ranking of the most capitalized cryptos.

Should you buy a crypto for less than 1 dollar?

Small price does not mean big performance

Bitcoin (BTC) has already experienced several bull cycles and saw its value rise exponentially, from a fraction of a dollar to tens of thousands of dollars. For many new entrants to the cryptocurrency market, so it’s too late to buy it.

Indeed, these novice investors prefer to turn to cryptocurrencies whose price is lower in the hope of realizing greater capital gains. Certainly, but is this a good way of reasoning? No.

Concretely, a cryptocurrency whose price is less than 1 $ does not necessarily have a greater margin of progression than another. More precisely, the price is not a directly determining factor. The important thing to consider is capitalization.

Low price or low cap?

Concretely, the capitalization of a cryptocurrency corresponds to the total amount of value it represents on the market. Its calculation is done as follows: number of tokens in circulation multiplied by the price of a token.

πŸ’‘ If a cryptocurrency A is composed of 1,000,000 tokens and each one is worth 10 dollars, then the capitalization of A will be 10,000,000 dollars. If a cryptocurrency B is composed of 100,000,000 tokens and their price is 0.1 dollar, then the capitalization of B will also be 10,000,000 dollars.

difference between capitalization and price of a crypto

Simplified explanation of the difference between the price and the capitalization of a cryptocurrency


For the majority of cryptocurrencies, the quantity of tokens in circulation remains relatively stable. In other words, if we simplify enormously: for a crypto to see its price multiply by 2, its capitalization must also be multiplied by 2. More simply, there must be twice as much money invested in it.

πŸ’‘ Let’s take the example of cryptocurrencies A and B again. Although the price of A is 10 dollars and that of B is 0.1 dollars, the two cryptocurrencies both have the same margin of progression. Thus (simplifying again): their capitalizations being equal, it will be necessary to inject 10 million dollars on each of them to operate a x2 on their price.

Let’s take a concrete case. The Shiba Inu (SHIB) has a very low price of around 0.0000077 dollars at the time of writing these lines. Thus, many are those who hope to see the SHIB reach the dollar. It’s impossible: imagine that if the Shiba reached even the capitalization of Bitcoin, its price would still be $0.0005which is far off the mark.

However, it is at the top of the ranking of the most capitalized cryptocurrencies. Indeed, there is a lot of tokens in circulation which means that despite a capitalization of 5 billion dollars, its price remains very low.

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Which crypto for less than $1 to buy?

Before presenting you with some interesting cryptos to buy for less than 1 dollar, know that it is essential to carry out your own research on the projects in order to know if they correspond to your expectations as an investor. Here are some of the most important criteria to watch out for:

  • The usefulness or value proposition of the crypto;
  • The strength and experience of the project team;
  • The roadmap (or roadmap) of the project;
  • Community engagement;
  • Social media activity;
  • Tokenomics.

Polygon (MATIC)

Among the list of cryptos under 1 dollar, some seem more interesting than others. Among the most promising, we can mention Polygon (MATIC) which is exchanged at 1.02 dollar at the time of writing these lines. Its highest price was 2.58 dollar, representing an upside potential of x2.5 if the MATIC returns to this level.

Solutions to improve the scalability of Ethereum are absolutely necessary for the democratization of the blockchain. At this game, the Polygon sidechain is certainly the most advancedwith massive investments in various new technologies such as Zero-Knowledge Proof or Rollups.

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The capitalization of the 1INCH token is still relatively low since it is below the top 100 of the most valued cryptocurrencies. With a price of around 0.5 euros at the time of writing these lines, this crypto has an upside potential of x15 to regain its high price of 7.5 euros.

Specifically, this protocol is an aggregator of decentralized platforms to exchange cryptocurrencies. It will allow you to place your transaction order at the best price and thus save spread or gas costs. In addition, this platform does not require KYC, which can delight traders wishing to remain anonymous.

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The Sandbox (SAND)

To vary the fields of activity, The Sandbox (SAND) allows exposure to the development of the metaverse industry. The project already has many strong partners such as Gucci, Carrefour, the Casino group and HSBC. Moreover, The Sandbox is built by a French team.

The SAND token is trading at a price of 0.7 dollar at the time of writing this article, which represents a potential upside of x11 if it were to return to its highor 7.49 euros.

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Conclusion: should we favor a crypto at less than 1 dollar?

In conclusion, you will understand, the upside potential of a crypto does not depend on its priceso it is not useful to buy a cryptocurrency at less than 1 $ simply for this purpose. The only element to take into account to measure growth potential is capitalization.

Of course, before investing, it is essential to learn a lot about the project : the team, the sources of financing, the technical objectives, the sector of activity, etc. Indeed, the more one invests in a small capitalization project, the greater the risk of loss.

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What are the best cryptocurrencies to buy for less than 1 dollar?

The best cryptocurrencies to buy for less than 1 dollar are Battle Infinity (iBAT), LuckyCoin (LKY), XRP (XRP), Tether (USDT), Meta Masters World (MEMAG), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Bitcoin SV (BSV), and Litecoin (LTC). Each of these coins has its own unique features and advantages, so you should research each one to determine which is best for your particular needs. Battle Infinity is a newly launched cryptocurrency that is still in its presale phase and has a lot of potential for future growth. LuckyCoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency built on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, and it features low transaction fees and fast confirmation times. XRP is an established cryptocurrency that is used for payments and transfers, and its low transaction fees make it a great choice for microtransactions. Tether is a stablecoin that is designed to maintain its 1-to-1 peg with the U.S. dollar, and it is a great option for those who want to avoid the volatility of other cryptocurrencies. Meta Masters World is a native cryptocurrency of the Web3 gaming guild, and it has a lot of potential for growth. Bitcoin Cash is a fork of Bitcoin that is designed to be more usable as a currency and is accepted by many merchants. Dogecoin is a popular cryptocurrency that started as a joke but has since become a legitimate payment option. Bitcoin SV is a fork of Bitcoin Cash that is focused on increasing scalability, and it has been gaining traction recently. Lastly, Litecoin is a popular cryptocurrency that is similar to Bitcoin but has faster transaction times and lower fees.

What is a good cheap Cryptocurrency to Invest in?

A good cheap cryptocurrency to invest in is Dash 2 Trade (D2T). D2T is a digital asset trading platform that is designed to make trading easier and more secure for both beginners and experienced traders. It offers a range of features designed to make trading easier, such as low fees, real-time trading data, and a user-friendly interface. Additionally, D2T is backed by a team of experienced professionals, giving it added security and reliability. D2T is a great option for those looking to get started with cryptocurrency trading without breaking the bank.

Which crypto will reach $1 in 2023?

There are several cryptocurrencies that you can buy for less than one dollar. These include Battle Infinity (iBAT), LuckyToken (LUCKY), MEMAG (MEMAG), XRP (XRP), Tamadoge (TAM), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Battle Infinity is an Ethereum-based token that is emerging as a popular choice for its low price, while MEMAG is the native cryptocurrency of Meta Masters World’s Web3 gaming guild. XRP is a well-known cryptocurrency that is currently trading at around 68 cents, while Tamadoge is a new token that is gaining traction due to its presale campaign. Tether is a stablecoin that is meant to maintain a 1-to-1 peg with the U.S. dollar, and Dogecoin and Bitcoin Cash are two of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market.

Will Shiba reach $1 dollar?

It is difficult to say for certain whether Shiba Inu will reach $1 in 2023. The current market capitalization of Shiba Inu is much lower than what would be necessary for it to reach parity with the U.S. dollar. In order for SHIB tokens to reach $1, they would have to experience a dramatic increase in their value. This could happen if the demand for the token increases substantially, or if the supply of SHIB tokens is reduced.

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