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A passport when depositing large sums into a bank account, lowering rates on loans and deposits, ups and downs with the duty-free threshold for importing goods from abroad and a record rise in the price of cigarettes. About this and more – in our review of changes in Belarus since April 1.

Limits on parcels and when the bank will ask for a passport: what is changing in Belarus from April 1

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Falling rates and other changes in banks

Banks occupy the first place in terms of changes in our review. Not from April 1, but from April 3 in Belarus the refinancing rate goes down — from 11 to 10.5%. Following it, interest rates on bank deposits and loans will go down.

From April, banks bring their rules in line with December resolution of the National Bank to identify suspicious financial transactions and introduce a requirement to present a passport when depositing large amounts of cash into the account. Now, in order to deposit more than 50 base units (1850 rubles) into the account, individuals must present identity document (passport, residence permit, refugee certificate, ID-card, biometric residence permit).

Another innovation, which, however, they decided not to introduce from April 1, is the obligation of banks to provide the possibility of instant payments using identification by phone number. It was previously planned that this would happen from April 1, 2023, and now the date rescheduled to January 1, 2024.

In addition, from April 1, at the cash desks of Priorbank won’t be able to pay services through ERIP. It is possible to perform transactions through ERIP or replenish a current account only in self-service devices, Internet banking or a mobile application.

Limits of duty-free import of goods from abroad are not reduced

Limits on parcels and when the bank will ask for a passport: what is changing in Belarus from April 1

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Eurasian Economic Commission decided to extend the effect of increased limits on duty-free import of goods into the territory of the EAEU for another six months – from April 1 to October 1.

The duty-free thresholds of €1,000 and 31 kg gross weight are effective from April 1, 2022. Limits increased by a special decision of the EEC in the wake of the withdrawal of Western companies from Russia and Belarus. Stated purpose — to support citizens in the face of sanctions and avoid a shortage of essential goods, as well as critical imports.

The previous thresholds were:

  • for parcels: cost – up to €200, gross weight does not exceed 31 kg;

  • for delivery by carriers: cost – up to €200, weight – no more than 31 kg;

  • for import by personal transport and on foot: cost – up to € 500, weight – no more than 25 kg.

Biggest increase in cigarette prices since the beginning of the year

More than 200 brands of cigarettes will rise in price in Belarus from April 1. Prices for “tobacco” have been rising every month since the beginning of the year, and the current one will be the most significant, since an increase in excise taxes on cigarettes is envisaged from April.

Four weekends in a row

Belarusians are waiting for a big weekend in April. The fact is that the working day is transferred to Saturday from Monday, April 24, before the holiday on Radunitsa, which this year fell on April 25. The work will be Saturday, April 29, but it will still be followed by two days off – April 30 and May 1.

dog tax

Tax rates for dogs will increase in Minsk: up to 37 rubles (was 32) for breeds included in the list of potentially dangerous, and 11.1 rubles (was 9.3) for the rest.

Registration for the centralized exam

Limits on parcels and when the bank will ask for a passport: what is changing in Belarus from April 1

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This year, graduates of Belarusian schools are taking the centralized exam for the first time. It will take place in two subjects – Russian or Belarusian language and any other subject of your choice.

Registration for the CE starts on April 1 and ends on April 20. After registration, it will no longer be possible to change items for the CE.

Exams will be held: in languages ​​- May 14 (reserve days – May 23 and August 21), in other subjects – May 21 (reserve days – May 25 and August 23).

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