What is Axie Infinity (AXS)?


Axie Infinity (AXS) is an Ethereum-based game that combines the elements of collectible cards, digital pets, and blockchain technology. It is a digital world where users can collect, raise, battle, and trade fantasy creatures known as Axies. Players can explore a wide range of activities, from building their own villages to joining alliances to battle other players. Axie Infinity also offers a wide range of rewards for players, including in-game assets and real-world rewards like Ethereum cryptocurrency.


AdvancedNFTs and the MetaverseAltcoins


AdvancedNFTs and the MetaverseAltcoins

What is Axie Infinity?

This is an ecosystem built on the basis of an online game Axie Infinity. Platform developed by the studio sky mavis. The project uses the concept Play-to-Earn.

The gameplay takes place in a virtual environment inhabited by Axie creatures. The platform allows you to cross them, creating new characters. Players earn by winning battles and selling virtual creatures.

In the metaverse of the project, the territories belonging to the players are presented. Lots are used for gameplay and resource extraction, and can also be sold or rented out.

game fi-The Axie Infinity project was built on top of Ethereum. A full-fledged ecosystem was deployed on the Ronin sidechain.

The platform uses two ERC-20 tokens: Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Smooth Love Potion (SLP). The developers also announced the release of the Ronin (RON) coin.

Axie, virtual territories and objects exist outside of the game space. All objects are represented as NFTs based on Ronin. They trade on the site Axie Infinity Marketplace. A cross-chain bridge is used to move assets between Ronin and Ethereum.

The platform allows AXS to be staked. The exchange of ERC-20 tokens in the Ronin network is carried out using DEX Katana. The exchange allows you to interact with AXS, SLP, USDC and WETH, as well as invest in liquidity pools.

Who created Axie Infinity?

Vietnamese studio Sky Mavis unveiled the concept for the game in December 2017. Trung Thanh Nguyen, founder and CEO of the company is a co-founder of the social network Lozi. At launch, the team received support from 500 Startups Vietnam.

The trading platform has been operating since March 2018. The developers added the ability to breed Axie in May of the same year.

In October 2018, virtual battles appeared, allowing you to receive rewards. At the next stage, virtual lands appeared, provided for the possession of users.

In November 2019, the project attracted $1.5 million seed investment from Pangea Blockchain Fund, Hashed, ConsenSys and Animoca Brands. Axie Infinity Token Sale launched on Binance Launchpad in October 2020, which brought the project $2.97 million. At that time, the price of AXS was $0.1.

As part of Series A funding roundwhich took place in May 2021, the project raised $7.5 million. The investors were Libertus Capital, Collaborative Fund, billionaire Mark Cuban and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian.

How to play and earn in Axie Infinity?

The main characters of the online game are Axie creatures. They can be crossed, which makes Axie Infinity look like CryptoKitties. Creatures are divided into several classes: beast, plant, waterfowl, bird, insect and reptile. Additional types include “twilight” and “dawn”. You can determine the class by the color of the creature.

Axies have different characteristics: health, speed, experience and morale. Classes differ in strengths and weaknesses. For example, birds are characterized by high speed, and plants have significant health.

Creatures have six body parts. These include eyes, ears, mouth, horn, back and tail. Each Axie is characterized by a set of elements that makes the characters unique.

What is Axie Infinity (AXS)?
Data: Axie Infinity Marketplace.

A creature’s personality traits determine its combat characteristics. The better they are, the more chances to win in battles. Creatures with a certain set of characteristics have a high value.

When crossing two Axies, you can get offspring. To prevent excessive population growth, the ability to reproduce is limited. Each of the creatures can give offspring no more than seven times. Reproduction requires the payment of SLP, with each subsequent step needing to spend a larger amount.

What is Axie Infinity (AXS)?
Data: Axie Infinity white paper.

When crossing, random variables are used, which excludes the preliminary determination of the characteristics of the offspring and its value. Body parts are transferred to the cub with a certain probability. The chances of their formation is determined by heredity.

Parents have dominant (D), recessive (R1) and minor recessive (R2) genes. The highest chance of transmission corresponds to the dominant gene. In this case, the probability of inheritance is 37.5%. For R1 and R2, the chances of transferring a body part are 9.375% and 3.125%, respectively. The probability of obtaining an individual with certain characteristics can be estimated using calculator.

The development process of Axie takes time. The creature needs 5 days to reach maturity. After that, you can find out its characteristics. When breeding, unique characters of varying degrees of rarity are obtained. As a rule, unusual creatures have better combat characteristics and are more valuable. Unripe Axies are also sold, but they cost less.

There are additional restrictions on breeding creatures that prevent excessive population growth. For example, there is no possibility to cross parents and offspring, as well as brothers and sisters.

What is Axie Infinity (AXS)?
Data: Breeding is Live.

Axie can be used in virtual battles. To participate in the competition, you must have three creatures. For the victory, players receive rewards in SLP tokens. Winning also brings points that increase the user’s rating. Its high value allows you to get big rewards, but you will have to fight strong opponents.

For beginners, battles with monsters attacking virtual lands are available. For victory, they receive rewards in utility tokens. Users have a high chance of winning in such battles, but this brings little profit. In a battle with a strong opponent, it is difficult for a beginner to win.

The gameplay requires an initial investment. To breed Axie or participate in battles, you need to buy creatures. The game also uses virtual items that increase the chance of winning. Game objects can be purchased on the marketplace. Users can also rent Axie. Similar services are provided gaming guilds.

In addition to battles, the possibility of gameplay in the metaverse called Lunation is provided. The latter consists of lands where you can search for virtual items and resources. You can also find AXS tokens there.

There are 90,601 locations in the metaverse represented as NFTs. The lands are divided into regions. Only part of the plots belongs to the players.

What is Axie Infinity (AXS)?
Data: Axie Infinity white paper.

Users have several ways to earn income. One of them is breeding and selling Axie. The second source of income is rewards for winning virtual battles.

Users can also sell found items. Game objects can be bought for subsequent sale at a higher price. Trading operations are carried out on the Axie Infinity Marketplace.

What is Axie Infinity (AXS)?
Data: Axie Infinity Marketplace.

Axie Infinity can generate income for players. Average gamer earnings is $500. Axie Infinity is especially popular among Filipinos, many of whom even left their jobs to play. The Philippine authorities have even announced the need to tax gamers.

How does Axie Infinity tokenomics work?

Initially, ERC-20 and NFT tokens were placed on the Ethereum blockchain. At the time of writing, assets are issued on the Ronin sidechain. The latter supports AXS, SLP, USDC, and WETH (ETH wrapped) tokens. NFTs have been released on the sidechain representing Axie, lands, and in-game items.

The main token of the ecosystem is AXS. SLP coins are used in gameplay to pay out rewards and when breeding Axie. Their maximum emission is limited to 3.2 billion, and all tokens are in circulation. Developers plan to use RON coins to pay rewards in the ecosystem.

The maximum emission of AXS is 290 million. The release of tokens is carried out gradually. Assets are directed to the project team for the implementation of the Play-to-Earn program, for the payment of rewards for staking, as well as for other tasks.

21% of AXS tokens are reserved for developers. The project team is interested in the development of Axie Infinity, since the unlocking of their assets is on schedule. Play-to-Earn payouts use 20% of AXS issuance. These funds can be seen as Axie Infinity’s marketing budget. The current asset release schedule is presented in white paper.

What is Axie Infinity (AXS)?
Data: Axie Infinity white paper.

The platform operates the treasury, which began full-fledged work in 2021. It receives fees from trading operations (4.25% of each NFT sale). Also, part of the funds received from the breeding of Axie is sent there.

The white paper plans to regulate the amount of Axie using scavengers. This decision is aimed at reducing the population and limiting the cost of virtual creatures.

How is the Axie Infinity ecosystem structured?

Axie Infinity launched as an online game using blockchain technology. Further development of the platform has made it a cutting-edge GameFi project that provides financial opportunities.

Axie Infinity allows you to deposit AXS for staking. The site provides analytical information: the total amount of blocked funds, daily rewards and projected annual profitability.

The functionality of the project has expanded after the transition to the Ronin sidechain. Blockchain explorer allows you to track transactions and get other information about the network. Sidechain requires a Web3 wallet Ronin Wallet. At the time of writing, no other solutions are supported. Each user has access to 100 free transactions.

A cross-chain bridge is used to deposit and withdraw assets to the sidechain Ronin Bridge, which only interacts with the Ethereum network. The solution also allows you to deposit funds in fiat currency.

The ecosystem includes the Katana decentralized crypto exchange. The marketplace is based on Ronin. It allows you to exchange AXS, SLP, USDC and WETH tokens.

What is Axie Infinity (AXS)?
Data Katana.

The exchange uses liquidity pools into which users can deposit funds and earn rewards. Liquidity provider fees are 0.3%.

How is Axie Infinity developing?

The functionality of the ecosystem is expanding, and improvements are being made to the gameplay. IN road map the implementation of the gameplay on the lands of Lunacia is planned for 2022, as well as the launch of the alpha version of the Lunacia SDK. This is a map editor that allows territory owners to create mini-games and virtual real estate. Since 2021, the gameplay has been available to iOS and Android users, which expands the audience of the project.

At first, gaming assets were placed on Ethereum, but in 2020, NFTs were transferred to Ronin. The creators plan to use the sidechain as a GameFi-oriented platform. Ronin will allow third-party developers to run games and decentralized applications.

At the time of writing, Sky Mavis is coordinating the ecosystem components. It creates risks for users. The stated goal of the platform is to move towards a decentralized governance model. An important step in this direction will be the ability to vote using AXS. This feature is planned to be added in 2022.

At the end of 2021 launched DEX Katana. The development of the ecosystem was facilitated by the addition of WETH and stablecoins to the exchange. The ability to quickly convert project tokens into stablecoins allows players to store funds on the platform. This reduces the exchange rate risks caused by the high price volatility of the GameFi project tokens.

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Axie Infinity (AXS) is a blockchain game that allows users to collect, battle, and build fantasy creatures called Axies. With its innovative use of blockchain technology, it has become one of the leading projects in the blockchain gaming space. With its attractive and engaging game mechanics, as well as its market potential, Axie Infinity (AXS) is an exciting project that is worth keeping an eye on.


FAQ: What is Axie Infinity (AXS)?

What is Axie Infinity (AXS)?

Axie Infinity (AXS) is a digital collectible game based on the Ethereum blockchain, where players can breed and battle their own fantasy creatures called Axies. Axie Infinity also includes a metaverse where players can explore, battle, and build their own digital worlds.

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