What is Benqi-Liquid-Staked-Avax(SAVAX)?

Benqi-Liquid-Staked-Avax (SAVAX) is a tokenized asset that is designed to provide users with exposure to the AVAX token, an ERC-20 token that is part of the Avalanche blockchain platform. SAVAX combines the liquidity of the Benqi Liquid exchange with the security of the Avalanche platform to create a new, easy to use asset class. This asset is ideal for investors who want to take advantage of the high liquidity of the Benqi Liquid exchange while also taking advantage of the security of the Avalanche blockchain. SAVAX is a great way to gain access to the AVAX token without needing to own the underlying AVAX token.

How it works

Benqi Liquid Staked Avax (SAVAX) is a new way to securely store, stake, and earn rewards with Avalanche (AVAX). SAVAX allows users to easily stake their AVAX coins in a secure and reliable environment, providing them with a safe and convenient way to earn rewards with their holdings. SAVAX makes staking simple and straightforward by using Benqi’s smart contract-based technology to ensure that users’ funds are always safe and secure. Additionally, SAVAX provides users with a staking dashboard that allows them to track their rewards in real-time. With SAVAX, users can easily stake their AVAX coins and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with secure staking.

Why Benqi-Liquid-Staked-Avax(SAVAX)?

Benqi-Liquid-Staked-Avax (SAVAX) is an innovative and secure way to stake your AVAX coins. It is a secure and decentralized platform that allows users to stake their AVAX coins in a trustless and transparent manner. By staking AVAX coins, users can receive rewards in the form of AVAX tokens, which will be distributed to them on a regular basis. The platform is powered by an advanced staking mechanism that ensures maximum security and transparency. Additionally, users can easily monitor their staking rewards through the SAVAX dashboard, and they can easily withdraw their rewards at any time. SAVAX is a great way to earn passive income with AVAX coins, and it is one of the most secure and reliable staking platforms available.

Tokenonomics Benqi-Liquid-Staked-Avax(SAVAX)

Tokenomics is the economic structure of a digital asset, such as the Benqi-Liquid-Staked-Avax (SAVAX) token. The SAVAX token is a utility token that provides access to Benqi’s Liquid-Staked-Avax (LSA) protocol. The LSA protocol is a DeFi protocol designed to bring liquidity to the Avax network. The SAVAX token gives its holders access to liquidity pools, staking rewards, and governance rights. Token holders can use the SAVAX token to provide liquidity to the Avax network and earn rewards for doing so. Furthermore, holders can stake their SAVAX tokens to earn additional rewards. These rewards are paid in the native Avax token. Token holders also have the ability to participate in governance decisions related to the LSA protocol. The SAVAX token is an important part of the Benqi Liquid-Staked-Avax protocol and helps to ensure the protocol’s success.

Who created Benqi-Liquid-Staked-Avax(SAVAX)?

Benqi-Liquid-Staked-Avax (SAVAX) was created by Benqi Ventures, a venture capital firm based in Singapore. Benqi Ventures was founded by Jiawei Zhang and is focused on early-stage investments in blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. Their portfolio includes projects such as AVAX, Mainframe, Harmony, and more. SAVAX integrates the Liquid Staking protocol with the Avax Network, allowing users to stake their tokens and earn rewards. This is a more efficient way to stake tokens compared to traditional staking methods, and it allows users to earn rewards more quickly.

How does the Benqi-Liquid-Staked-Avax(SAVAX)ledger work?

The Benqi-Liquid-Staked-Avax(SAVAX) ledger is a decentralized ledger that runs on the Avaax protocol, providing a secure and reliable platform for users to store and trade their digital assets. The SAVAX ledger uses a consensus mechanism called Proof of Stake (PoS) to validate and approve transactions. PoS requires users to stake a certain amount of tokens in order to validate transactions on the ledger. When a user stakes their tokens, they are rewarded with a portion of the transaction fees. This reward encourages users to remain active on the network and help ensure the security and integrity of the ledger. The SAVAX ledger also utilizes smart contracts, allowing users to create and execute automated agreements without the need for third-party intermediaries. The ledger is open source and allows developers to create their own customized applications on top of the platform. With the SAVAX ledger, users can securely store, trade, and manage their digital assets in a decentralized and secure environment.


The Benqi-Liquid-Staked-Avax (SAVAX) coin has the potential to revolutionize the world of cryptocurrency, by combining the liquidity of the Benqi platform with the staking capabilities of the Avax network. With its focus on low fees, liquidity, and security, it is an ideal coin for both investors and traders. It has the potential to become a major player in the cryptocurrency landscape and could impact the way people use digital assets. With its strong fundamentals, SAVAX is well-positioned to become a leader in the cryptocurrency market.


FAQs about Benqi Liquid Staked Avax (SAVAX)

What is Benqi Liquid Staked Avax (SAVAX)?

Benqi Liquid Staked Avax (SAVAX) is a DeFi protocol that allows users to stake their Avax tokens and earn rewards in the form of Liquidity-Staked Avax (LSA). LSA is a new form of token that is backed by staked Avax tokens.

How do I stake Avax with SAVAX?

To stake Avax with SAVAX, you need to first deposit Avax tokens into the SAVAX contract. Once your tokens are deposited, you can then select the amount of tokens you want to stake and start earning rewards.

How long does it take to start earning rewards from staking Avax with SAVAX?

Once you have deposited your Avax tokens into the SAVAX contract and staked them, you will start earning rewards immediately. The rewards are generated on a regular basis and are paid out in the form of LSA tokens.

Are there any risks associated with staking Avax with SAVAX?

Yes, there are some risks associated with staking Avax with SAVAX. These include market risk, liquidity risk, and counterparty risk. It is important that users understand these risks and take appropriate measures to protect their funds.

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