What is Funfair(FUN)?

Funfair is a blockchain-based gaming platform designed to provide players with a secure, transparent, and cost-effective way to play casino games. Funfair uses its own cryptocurrency, FUN, to facilitate payments on the platform. The FUN token is used to pay transaction fees on the Funfair platform, as well as to buy in-game tokens used to play games. The Funfair platform is powered by Ethereum smart contracts and utilizes advanced cryptography to ensure fair play for all users. The platform also offers users the ability to build their own games and earn revenue from them. Funfair also provides developers with the tools to create decentralized, trustless gaming experiences.

How it works

FunFair (FUN) is a blockchain-based platform that operates on the Ethereum network. The platform is designed to provide a seamless gaming experience for users with no need for a bank account or other third-party services. It uses the Ethereum blockchain to provide a secure and transparent environment for gaming transactions. The platform enables users to purchase Fun tokens, which can be used to play games and get rewards. Fun tokens can also be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies like ETH, BTC, and USD. The platform also offers instant payouts and provides developers with the tools to create and customize their own games, which can be accessed through the FunFair app. The platform also provides developers with access to a wide range of analytics and marketing tools to help maximize their gaming revenue.

Why Funfair(FUN)?

FunFair(FUN) is a decentralized gaming platform powered by Ethereum smart contracts. It brings together the benefits of blockchain technology with the best elements of traditional online gaming. FunFair provides a secure, transparent, and low-cost gaming experience as well as a wide range of games from trusted developers. The platform also offers fast transactions, no chargebacks, and complete fairness. FunFair is designed to offer a fair and secure gaming experience for all players, regardless of their geographical location. With the use of Ethereum smart contracts, the platform offers a secure, tamper-proof, and fully automated gaming platform for both players and developers. By allowing developers to rent out their own gaming servers and create unique and innovative games, FunFair is revolutionizing the online gaming industry.

Tokenonomics Funfair(FUN)

Tokenonomics is the economic model used by the FunFair (FUN) token and platform. The FunFair platform offers a decentralized, blockchain-based casino gaming platform, which is powered by the Ethereum blockchain and its own FUN tokens. Tokenonomics of the FUN token are designed to facilitate the development of the FunFair platform and its gaming ecosystem. The FUN token acts as the primary currency of the platform, and it is used to pay for all gaming activities. The FUN token also serves as the staking mechanism for the FunFair platform, and its value is tied to the success of the platform and its users. FunFair also has its own tokenomics platform, FUN Governance, which allows users to stake their tokens and have a say in the platform’s development decisions. All in all, the FunFair tokenomics platform is designed to create a fair and balanced gaming ecosystem, which will benefit all users.

Who created Funfair(FUN)?

Funfair was created in 2017 by a team of experienced game developers, entrepreneurs, and advisors. The co-founders of Funfair are Oliver Hopton, Jez San, and TechCrunch founder, Mike Butcher. The team is based in London, UK and is led by Jez San as its CEO. The company’s mission is to make online casino gaming both more accessible and more fun by using blockchain technology and smart contracts. Funfair is the world’s first decentralized gaming platform, providing a fair and transparent gaming experience for both players and operators. The platform allows players to create their own games, make bets, and play against each other using FUN tokens. It also has a built-in dispute resolution system that provides players with a secure and fair gaming experience.

How does the Funfair(FUN)ledger work?

The Funfair(FUN)ledger is a smart contract-based blockchain platform that enables developers to create and deploy decentralized applications (DApps). It is a fully featured, stable and secure platform that provides a secure, distributed ledger that can be utilized for a variety of applications. The Funfair(FUN)ledger utilizes a distributed consensus algorithm called Adaptive Proof-of-Stake (APoS) to ensure that all transactions are securely validated and recorded on the ledger. The APoS consensus algorithm provides the highest level of security and scalability for the Funfair(FUN)ledger.

The Funfair(FUN)ledger is designed to be highly secure and efficient. It uses a combination of cryptographic algorithms, distributed consensus, and a decentralized network of nodes to ensure that transactions are securely validated and recorded. The Funfair(FUN)ledger also uses an optimized version of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to create and execute smart contracts. This allows developers to create complex applications that can be securely deployed on the Funfair(FUN)ledger. The Funfair(FUN)ledger also provides a variety of tools and APIs for developers to easily integrate the Funfair(FUN)ledger into their applications.


FunFair (FUN) is a cryptocurrency that focuses on providing a blockchain-based platform for online casino gaming. With its high-speed transactions, low fees, and strong security, FunFair is well-positioned to become a major player in the online gaming industry. The platform also offers a range of tools designed to help developers create their own games and monetize them. With a wide variety of games, an easy-to-use interface and a strong community, FunFair is a great choice for anyone looking to get involved in the online gaming industry.


What is Funfair (FUN)?

Funfair (FUN) is a decentralized gaming platform powered by Ethereum smart contracts. It’s designed to make online casino gaming more transparent, secure and fun for players. Funfair offers peer-to-peer gaming with no central operator, allowing for provably fair and low cost online gaming. Funfair’s game-changing technology makes it easy for developers to create and deploy their own casino games.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between Funfair and other online gaming platforms?

Funfair is powered by Ethereum smart contracts, which makes it much more secure, transparent and efficient than traditional online gaming platforms. It also offers provably fair games and lower transaction costs.

How do I play games on Funfair?

You can play games on Funfair by creating an account, connecting your wallet and placing bets. Funfair also offers a wallet app that makes it even easier to play.

What types of games are available on Funfair?

Funfair offers a wide range of casino games, including slots, blackjack, roulette, and more. There are also a number of new games that are exclusive to Funfair.

Is Funfair secure?

Yes, Funfair is powered by Ethereum smart contracts, which make it much more secure than traditional online gaming platforms. All player funds are held securely in smart contracts, which are audited regularly.

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