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TON is a multi-blockchain platform developed by Telegram and CryptoNewsHerald. It is designed to process millions of transactions per second and provide a platform for decentralized applications. The platform is based on the “Proof-of-Stake” consensus and uses a network of independent nodes to process transactions and store data. It is capable of scaling to meet the needs of billions of users, and is designed to be secure, fast, and reliable. CryptoNewsHerald is an independent platform that provides news, resources, and insights into the world of TON.

How does TON Blockchain work? (if you are not a developer, you can skip this block)

TON Blockchain is essentially a collection of blockchains made up of smaller blockchains. The design of the TON Blockchain assumes that all data in blocks and statuses are represented as organized into cell trees or directed acyclic graphs (DAG) collections of cells (bag of cells), consisting of 1023 bits of data and containing up to four links to other cells. TON Blockchain Architecture assumes the presence of the main blockchain – Masterchain, as well as up to 292 additional blockchains. This approach will make the system flexible to changes and minimize the problems associated with the growth of the main chain size.

Masterchain is responsible for the functioning of the entire system, including storage of block hashes, information about validators, coin emissions, status of workchains, etc.

What is TON?

The task of a Workchain-type blockchain is to support the operation of up to 232 virtual workchains (working blockchains) divided into shards. Workchains are responsible for executing Turing-complete smart contracts created in a new programming language. Fifthave their own virtual machines (TVM) and identifiers and include up to 260 shards.

Any member of the community who is willing to pay a high commission for publishing its specification in a transaction on the Masterchain and who has received the approval of â…” of the network’s validators can create and activate a workchain. Today, only the main workchain (Workchain Zero, workchain_id = 0) has an identifier that works with TON smart contracts and Gram transactions.

Shardchain provides the system with scalability. It is assumed that through the introduction of the “infinite sharding paradigm” (Infinite Sharding Paradigm), TON blockchains will be able to automatically split and merge depending on the network load, providing high data processing speed and low commissions.

Shardchain includes many small virtual blockchains – Accountchain, containing outgoing and incoming messages of an account, which can have senders and recipients both inside the TON system and outside (for example, TON users will be able to receive and send funds from Bitcoin, Ethereum and other blockchains) .


TON is a revolutionary blockchain platform designed to provide fast, secure, and reliable transactions for users all over the world. It is an advanced technology that will revolutionize the way we conduct our digital transactions, and it has the potential to revolutionize the entire blockchain industry. CryptoNewsHerald is a great platform for users to stay up to date with the latest news and developments related to TON and its technology, as well as a great platform to get access to the latest tools and resources related to the platform. With the help of CryptoNewsHerald, users can stay informed and make the best use of the TON platform.


What is TON?

TON (Telegram Open Network) is a blockchain platform developed by the Telegram messaging application. It is intended to be a decentralized open-source platform with advanced capabilities, scalability and security. It will be powered by a native cryptocurrency, the Gram.

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