‘World’s Worst NFT Collection’ sold out in seven hours

A collection of unique NFT tokens based on the cult series “Game of Thrones” was sold on the first day of trading for more than half a million dollars. This did not stop the collection from being awarded the title of the worst of the entire existence of the NFT.

NFTs are losing their popularity along with the fall of the cryptocurrency market. The prolonged crypto winter has an impact on all projects. However, there is a recipe for success: you need to take something extremely popular from the world, for example, TV shows or online games, and then the tokens will be sold out like hot cakes.

The Game of Thrones: Build Your Realm collection was released by HBO and Warner Bros., who were directly involved in the creation of the series, helped by the NFT platform Nifty’s. Tokens were sold on the most popular NFT marketplace OpenSea.

Approximately 5,000 NFTs have been issued on the Ethereum compatible Palm blockchain. Buyers became the owners of “hero chests” (Hero Box), which included the hero’s avatar, cards for this character (clothes, weapons) and several tokens dedicated to individual scenes of the series.

But already at the time of the sale, the creators of the collection were subjected to harsh criticism – firstly, due to the influx of applicants, problems arose with the minting (release) of NFT. Buyers were able to receive their tokens only a few hours after the purchase.

But it’s not even a bad organization. Avatar tokens looked like images created by a neural network, with grotesquely long fingers, strange hand proportions, and primitive graphics.

“This NFT collection of Game of Thrones is like the last season of the series. Deprived of creativity and terrible, ”- explained The reason for the displeasure of cryptans is the former head of Twitter consumer product marketing Justin Taylor.

However, many did not agree with the criticism, because it is these features that make the tokens truly unique. Sometimes in art, the “the worse, the better” approach works.

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